‘Clash of Clans’ earns $1.5 million a day

“Clash of Clans” is a mobile game that was released for the iPhone in 2012. Since then, it has become the highest grossing game in the app store, grossing over an estimated $1.5 million a day, sparking headlines like, “A Clash Of Clans Addiction Nearly Sank The Royals’ Season,” and “UFC Stars Hate How Much They’re Spending On Clash of Clans.”

Sochi Expected to Be the Most Expensive Olympics Ever

The estimated $50 billion is many times more than original estimates. When Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Games, the total cost of preparations was $8.7 billion. But as Russian began building new roads, hotels and sporting venues, the cost of the Sochi games kept climbing, surpassing China’s 2008 summer games, which are believed to have cost $40 billion.

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What is Nest? Why did Google buy it for $3.2 Billon

Nest builds products like this thermostat that can be remotely set via your smartphone or tablet to automatically adjust to a particular temperature. It also connects to Wi-Fi to analyze and compare the outside weather with your indoor environment in real-time. The thermostat even has a sensor with a 150-degree range to detect when you’re not home, so it can adjust the temperature accordingly, and save energy.

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