This Holiday Spice Can Make You Loopy

We sprinkle it on eggnog, add it to French toast and pumpkin pie, and use it to give extra pizzazz to sweet potatoes, carrots, acorn squash, quiche, and crème brulée. Medieval drinkers—who spelled it notemygge—put it in their ale. Nutmeg—and its spice partner, mace—are also key ingredients in haggis, the Scottish pudding made from sheep organs (heart, livers, and lungs) and oatmeal, traditionally boiled in a sheep’s stomach. Robert Burns fans eat it on the poet’s birthday, washed down with a lot of Scotch whiskey.


21 Bento Box-Inspired Meals

We know we’re not supposed to play with our food, but how can we resist when it’s this cute?? The Japanese art of aesthetically pleasing meals, usually packed in an equally charming bento box, has spread across the globe and created pretty much the most delightful food trend ever. Now, you don’t have to travel the world to see this adorable food.