Amazing Stunt

A skydiver pulled off an amazing stunt when he climbed out from the cockpit of a glider and crawled along the wing – then somersaulted under the fuselage of the second glider while the first rider turned upside down and flew overhead so that the sky diver could reach up and form a human link between the two planes. The spectacular stunt was carried out by Salzburg skydiver Paul Steiner 2,100 metres in the air with both gliders travelling at 100 miles an hour above the mountains in Styria, Austria

Navagio Beach on Zakynthos Island, Greece

Also, known as Shipwreck Cove! The most commonly accepted story regarding the wreck of the Panagiotis maintains that she spent the later part of her life as a smuggler ship. In 1980, Panagiotis was making its way from Turkey with a freight of contraband cigarettes (for the Italian Mafia, as some versions of the story assert).

The crew was suspected by authorities, and so the Panagiotis was pursued by the Greek Navy. Encountering stormy weather, the ship ran aground in a shallow cove on the west coast of Zakynthos, to the north of Porto Vromi, where the crew abandoned her to evade the pursuing Navy.

To this day, the wreck remains at the site which is now called “Navagio”, Greek for “shipwreck.”
Locals raided the cargo of cigarettes and whisky, and for the following four years no ‘official’ tobacco products were sold on the island.