Holi Festival, Jaipur, India


Heralding the arrival of spring, Holi—the Hindu “Festival of Colors”—is marked throughout India and around the world (beginning March 27 this year). In traveler-friendly Rajasthan—Land of Kings—locals and visitors jubilantly join impromptu and organized color eruptions. Prepare to be doused with brightly tinted powders and scented water.

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Alex the Lion Stroke-King

British wildlife expert Alex Larenty, 50, calms the savage cats with gentle foot-rubs. Alex, originally of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, moved to South Africa in 1999. He started massaging Jamu, nine, after putting insect repellent on him one day. He said: “I gave him a scratch and massage and he rolled around with his tongue out. Now he adores massages — his favourite game is This Little Piggy.”

Tree of Life

This giant tree is not the stoutest in the country. There are at least two baobabs with larger trunk diameters – Glencoe Baobab with the incredible diameter of 15.9 metres (unfortunately this tree split into two parts in November 2009) and Sunland Baobab with 10.64 m diameter. But the Sagole tree is the largest one in overall appearance and possibly – the largest one in trunk volume. Tree unites amazing trunk size with a circumference of approximately 32.8 meters (3.) with the significant height of 22 metres.