GPS Sensor Tags That Make Cowboys And Fences Obsolete


New research focuses on virtual fencing, a concept by which farmers could control their livestock using GPS-controlled electronic sensors (a bit like an electronic dog collar). The technology has the potential to make farms more environmentally sustainable, by allowing farmers to manage where their cattle graze, and to cut down on the manual labor involved with rebuilding fences.

“It never made sense to me that we use static tools to manage dynamic resources,” says Anderson, who runs the Jornada Experimental Range in New Mexico. At Jornada, he’s prototyping devices that give cows a small shock as they run up against an electronically defined border. There are quite a few challenges with figuring out what every animal responds to and how they learn.

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Winter weather


Here in the northern hemisphere spring is but a rumor. Record snowfalls have taxed budgets and patience, and slowed transit from planes to pedestrians. Not that some aren’t enjoying the abundance, as winter sports play out on beautiful frozen blankets of snow. Gathered here are images of people struggling with and enjoying their wintery blasts.

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